Hey, I'm Stephen.
A Senior Strategist and Service Designer at AKQA.

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Recent projects include:

Leap iOS

Stena Recycling

Service Design, Vison & UN Sustainability Goals
Oculus Go


Service Design & CX, Global User Research
Beker EV


Service Design


Global Campaign, Internal Development
Go Commerce


Consumer Research
Beker EV


Smart Citizens & Participatory Design

Some thoughts...

Participatory Design in a Digital World

With research indicating that technology is causing a shift in our societal behaviour, interactions and communication methods within a city, there is a call for participatory design environments where residents are given the tools to get involved in creating smart city solutions.

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How to do a brain dump exercise

Using a simple technique which is used in design thinking workshops, the aim is to free up mental stress by releasing the mental clutter and overload of information within your head.

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Could a messaging bot improve our cities?

With the overall growth rate of native apps steadily dropping over the past couple of years, the rise of instant messaging and introduction of messaging bot technology, I was lead to question, could a messaging bot improve our cities and provide open conversations with local councils?

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